Leasing & Contracts

Navigating Your Legal Hurdles

Before you can even think of turning on the oven or putting a pan on the stove, every restaurant, café, and catering business needs to have materials and equipment in place – and in most cases, a brick-and-mortar facility as well. That means plenty of paperwork filled with legalese as you determine the best space, suppliers, and partners to get the job done. Carrubba Consulting offers leasing and contracts consulting to help guide you through this minefield of logistics, ensuring that you only sign on to what you agree to. With Carrubba Consulting, you can protect yourself from bad contracts, deceptive lease agreements, and unclear language.


Location and lease rates can make or break a restaurant. That’s why leasing a space can be a challenging negotiation – precise knowledge is required to ensure that you get the best deal for your restaurant, café, or catering business. Carrubba Consulting helps you before, during, and after the negotiation. By answering questions before any negotiations start and acting as a guide during the lease process, Carrubba Consulting utilizes years of experience and understanding to put you in the best position for success.


Your vendors and suppliers are the lifeblood of your restaurant, café, or catering business. Selecting the best sourcing options is only half of the game; without vendor arrangements and partnership agreements, it can all quickly unfurl, leaving you in a lurch. The experts at Carrubba Consulting can help you locate the best vendors and suppliers for your needs, then negotiate a fair agreement that ensures efficiency and transparency for all parties.

Whether you’re looking for a new space or you simply want to revisit some of your existing agreements, Carrubba Consulting has the expertise to deliver. Contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding leasing and contracts.