Menu & Kitchen Design

Bringing Your Creativity To Life

A successful restaurant, café, or catering business requires more than just brilliant recipes. While your skills and training form the foundation of your business, the practicalities involved with bringing it to fruition require a completely different skill-set. Who are your desired customers? How will you serve them? WHAT will you serve them – and how can you efficiently prepare it?

Carrubba Consulting provides menu design and kitchen design services, both for start-ups and current businesses looking for a shift in focus. Carrubba Consulting’ experience spans the range of possible situations, from fine dining to relaxed cafés to corporate delis – and with this unique perspective, you can feel confident that your menu and kitchen will be strategically designed to maximize your skills while fulfilling your vision. Previous Carrubba Consulting clients include Cascal, Caffe, Riace, a fine-dining catering company, J Lohr winery (five years), and wine-pairing dinners at the Mirassou Winery (18 years).

Menu Design

Appetizers, entrees, desserts, even the beverage selection create an identity for your business. By combining your target clientele with your recipe book and business plan, Carrubba Consulting can help you create the scope and depth of your menu, ensuring that what you offer represents the best of all worlds  – and for cafés, we are particularly passionate about baking.


Kitchen Design

The most efficient kitchens optimize time and output. Equipment selection, placement, processes, and smart training go a long way to delivering the freshest customer experience possible. Whether you’re transforming a newly leased space or you want to revamp your existing setup, we create the best kitchen for your cooking needs.

  • Design
  • Equipent
  • Layout
  • Training

Not sure if you should broaden or tighten the scope of your menu? Wondering if your kitchen could use an overhaul? Contact Carrubba Consulting today to learn more about how we can get the very best out of your restaurant, café, or catering business.