What We Do

Delivering Success In A Crowded Market

Carrubba Consulting is an all-in-one consulting firm focused on helping restaurants, cafés, and catering businesses create smoothly running and profitable operations. Tapping into a combined 50+ years of food-industry experience, Carrubba Consulting offers end-to-end services, bringing turnkey processes to the world of food preparation, management, and service. From marketing to kitchen logistics, training to menu creation, Carrubba Consulting brings together restaurant experience and business expertise for one indispensable resource.

As consultants, Carrubba Consulting can be brought in at any part of the process. Whether you’re in the start-up stages of your dream restaurant or your current café needs an operational overhaul, Carrubba Consulting brings an objective and professional perspective to the table. If you’re facing any of the following questions, Carrubba Consulting can provide the answers:

  • Can you make your restaurant, café, or catering business more profitable?
  • Should you hire more people?
  • Are your processes as efficient as they should be?
  • Can you maximize other marketing avenues?
  • Can your business just be better?

Addressing All Your Business Areas

Carrubba Consulting offers support in the following areas:

Legal & Logistical Support: The greatest recipes and freshest ingredients don’t mean much if you can’t get a business off the ground. Locations, certifications, licenses, vendor contracts, and many other logistical hurdles get in the way of starting a business. And for existing businesses, there are many reasons to have a professional come in and audit all of those things — review existing contracts, negotiate new agreements, even find the best location possible.

Learn more about Carrubba Consulting’ specific leasing and contract services.

Food & Cooking: From time-tested favorites to bold new tastes, there are many different ways to make a crowd-pleasing meal. Should you focus on just one specialty or should you offer as wide a range as possible? And how will that reflect in your preparation and dining areas? From the kitchen to the interior design to the menu offerings, Carrubba Consulting can help you determine the best combination for success.

Learn more about Carrubba Consulting’ menu development and kitchen design services.

Operations: Day-to-day operations can be hectic in any business – but factor in an active kitchen and demanding customers and things quickly fall apart without the proper staff and systems. Carrubba Consulting can provide structure to your restaurant, café, or catering business. Get the right people in, train them on the best systems, and keep tight books with payroll and accounting – with Carrubba Consulting, it’s all possible.

Carrubba Consulting’ operations services include payroll systems, accounting, job descriptions, staff interview, staff training, and project management.

Marketing: Getting up and running is one thing; getting the word out is another. Marketing and PR campaigns can make or break your business, and with new media driving more and more advertising traffic, your marketing time and money needs to be spent wisely.

Carrubba Consulting’ marketing services include marketing strategy and consultation, PR strategy and consultation, and website development and maintenance.

Have a specific need not listed above? Contact Carrubba Consulting today. If it’s involved with restaurants or catering, there’s a good chance Vine can help.